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Hogue Sampling Systems

Hogue Sampling Systems

The Visicheck VSVR-8 and VSVR-8H are diaphragm type positive displacement sample devices. It utilizes a liquid led calibrated sight glass which positively responds to the movement of the molded viton diaphragm in the measuring chamber. When used in conjunction with a 3-way solenoid valve, paced by the LACT unit sales meter, the volume regulator allows the operator to accurately set the sample volume, and monitor the sample being displaced into the sample container. Because a sample is such an important part of the LACT unit measurement process, it is no longer necessary to guess at the sample volume being delivered. The Visicheck is also an excellent trouble shooting device to pinpoint sampling problems.

Hughes Meter and Supply held the patent for the Hogue Sampling System in 1986 and we are considered the foremost experts on the device. We have improved and redesigned the Hogue Sampling System over the years, but haven’t renewed the patent.

VSVR8 is standard 125 psi rated model

VSVR8H is high pressure 600 psi rated model

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