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LACT Units

HMS fabricates multiple LACT unit types including but not limited to, Low pressure pipeline LACT units, Hi pressure pipeline LACT units with booster pump skids, Truck load and Truck off load packages.

Pipeline Measurement Skid

Hughes Meter and Supply constructs pipeline measurement skids to make measuring crude oil an easy task.

Vapor Recovery Units

Designs and packages complete gas compression skids

Production Headers

Hughes Meter and Supply repairs, manufactures, and replaces production headers.

WAG Skids

Hughes Meter and Supply repairs, manufactures, and replaces WAG skids. Please contact us with your own designs or ask us to help design one for your specific flows and pressures.

Hogue Sampling Systems

Hogue patented the original API approved sampler in 1986 and are still considered to be the foremost experts on this device and its operations.

Valve Repair Shop

The Valve Repair Shop is open Monday-Friday from 7am-5pm and Saturday from 7am-12pm. Call or come by today!

Hot Oil Service

Services available 24 hours a day, Call for Rates.

24-Hour Oilfield Service

Contact us for fast service. We are also available after hours, weekends and holidays should the need arise.

Welding Services

All welders are field ready with fully equipped trucks, tools, and machines.

Water Transfer Pump Packages

Dual electric motor driven ANSI pump packages intended to move large volumes of water at different customer designated discharge pressures

Gas Meter Runs

Sr or Jr type orifice meters welded per API specs.

Circulating Pump Packages

Electric motor driven gear pump packages mounted on environmentally safe spill resistant skids. Internal coated piping and chemical dump containment included.